Holmes Park from the pitch

Board and Council

Board Members

David Jamieson

David Jamieson

Chair of the Association 

John Ball

John Ball

Development Director 

Rasheed Cadar

Rasheed cadar

Independent Director 

Kelly Ellis

Kelly Ellis

Chief Executive Officer
Senior Safeguarding Lead 

Bruce Johnson

Bruce johnson

Governance Director 
Chair of Competitions Committee

Keith Johnson

Keith Johnson

Finance Director
Dawn Wapples

Dawn Wapples

Board Champion for Safeguarding
Chair of Discipline Committee 

Council Members

Steven Abson - Discipline Committee Member
William Almen - Competitions, Referees & Youth Committee Member
Christopher Atkinson
John Ball
Christopher Banks - Competitions Committee Member
Ian Bannister - Youth Committee Member
Lesley Batchelor
James Bennett
John Berrington
Mark Brady - Referees Committee Member
Jeffrey Bray - Referees Committee Member
David Briars - Youth Committee Member
Stephen Butcher
Reginald Chapman
Kenneth Clayton
Andy Collin - Competitions & Referees Committee Member
Michael Cornes - Referees Committee Member
Robert Crane - Discipline Committee Member
Timothy Deacon - Competitions Committee Member & Chair of Youth Committee
David Frost - Competitions & Discipline Committee Member
Nigel Garner - Discipline & Youth Committee Member
Paul Gibson
Peter Grange
David Jamieson - Discipline Committee Member
Bruce Johnson - Chair of Competitions Committee & Youth Committee Member
Keith Johnson - Discipline & Youth Committee Member
Darren Jones
Darren Kay
Alan Kent - Competitions Committee Member
Henry Lillystone -Competitions, Referees & Youth Committee Member
Anthony Littlejohns -Competitions & Youth Committee Member
Alan Markley - Competitions, Referees, Discipline & Youth Committee Member
Nigel Marriott - Discipline & Youth Committee Member
Wayne McDermott - Youth Committee Member
Peter McGrath - Competitions Committee Member
Gilbert Napthine - Chair of Referees Committee
Christopher Palmer
Carl Smith - Youth Committee Member
Charles Tissington - Competitions & Referees Committee Member
Jim Waldron
Stewart Walker - Referees Committee Member
Dawn Wapples - Chair of Discipline Committee & Youth Committee Member
Lee Ward
Ivor Watkins - Competitions & Referees Committee Member
Gordon Wells - Competitions & Referees Committee Member
Mark Weston
Paul Whateley
Gary Wright - Competitions Committee Member



The following individuals are all now members of our Leicestershire & Rutland County FA Fellowship. The Fellowship has been designed to enable recognition of those who have provided long years of service to the association who are no longer active on the Council or any of it's committees. 

Ron Barston
Raymond Barton
Peter Brown
Gerald Cooper
Ivor Finn
Robert Holmes
John Kelly
Dennis Roe
Malcolm Storer
Morley Taylor


Leicestershire & Rutland County FA Fellowship

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