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Affiliation Forms for the 2012-13 season are now available. Existing clubs' forms have been sent out to your club secretary.

There have been a few changes to the affiliation process for the coming season.

From the 2013/14 season all Open Age (Adult) clubs will be required to have Personal Accident Insurance, in addition to the Legal Liability (formally public liability) already required. We emailed all Club Secretaries on the 18th March 2013 with the relevant information on this and also provided brief information on the ‘Membership Fees’ page. If you do not have an email listed this will be enclosed as a hard copy.

Having negotiated with our insurers, the Association can now confirm that the Legal Liability insurance fee has remained at the same price as the 2011-12 and 2012-13 Seasons at £18.00 per club!.

Please Note:

The Personal Accident Insurance does not need to be in place before returning your affiliation forms. We will hold onto your forms until we receive notification that you have taken out the cover and then process your forms and invoice your club.

New Clubs:

To download a form look under ‘Documents’ at the bottom of this page.

Existing Clubs:

Your forms have been sent to your Club Secretary by post. If you haven’t received this, please contact us and we will re-send a pre-populated form to you.

There is one change to the affiliation process, as detailed below, but the form itself has very few changes from that of last season. However, we would like to remind you the following points:

  • Please do not include any payment for the affiliation – we will invoice you on receipt of the form
  • Once an invoice is raised, you have 28 days in which to pay the amount stated
  • Affiliate teams which you know you will have for the 2013/14 season – not the ones you currently have. If you are unsure you can always add at a later stage.
  • The Club Welfare Officer requirements remain the same as last year – please see the form for details
  • Affiliation numbers will be sent out when the payment is processed
  • Include managers/coaches for ALL teams – this is mandatory for youth football, teams cannot be affiliated without this information
  • Please be accurate on the grounds that each team participate most of their fixtures at
  • Please remove any players from the ‘players list’ as applicable. It will not be necessary to make additions but should you wish to include this, it will help with disciplinary administration
  • One person cannot be Secretary, Chairman and Treasurer, there must be at least two different
    individuals named in these positions.
  • Clubs with any debt outstanding will not be affiliated until this debt is cleared in full.

Change to Process

Multiple teams at the same age group / merger of Open Age & Youth clubs.

Unlike previous years, clubs can now have any number of teams at each age group, and can include Adult and Youth, and Male and Female teams. There will still only be one secretary, chairman and treasurer for the club overseeing all teams.

How to Merge Clubs

If the clubs that want to merge already have the same secretary, all affiliation forms will be sent out together. When they are returned to us it must be clearly stated on the team checklist which clubs are merging. On the affiliation form a team name must be provided if there is more than one team at each age group.

For clubs that currently have different secretaries but want to merge, the forms will have been sent to each current secretary. The affiliation forms of all merging clubs must be returned together, crossing out any information that is no longer relevant; it should be made clear who the secretary, chairman and treasurer will be. Team names must be provided in cases where there is more than one team at each age group.


The deadline for existing clubs is May 17th. After this date you may still affiliate up until 31st July, but this will result in £42.00 late fee.

New clubs have until 31st July to register – there is no late fee.

Please Note: 

The form must be received by the office by May 17th. If you are sending your form near to the deadline please obtain proof of postage to ensure that there are no issues with the late fee.

It is the clubs responsibility to attach the correct postage to a letter – if the L&RCFA are charged for incorrect postage, this will be added to your invoice.

If you have any queries, please contact:

Matt Edkins 
Head of Football Services  
T: 0116 284 4957 
M: 07535 711 358

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