The Leicestershire & Rutland County FA, through a broad range of strategic priorities and investment, aims to increase the quality and quantity of pitches and facilities, thus providing increased opportunities and enjoyment for all.

If you are looking to renovate or build a football facility, this section of the website is to guide you in the right direction; key to delivering any facility project is engagement with the Leicestershire & Rutland County FA.

The Leicestershire & Rutland County FA’s Head of Football Development has a key role to support facility development. This may involve support to gauge project feasibility, guiding you through the funding that may be available and most appropriate and assistance with Business & Football Development Planning. 

The Leicestershire & Rutland County FA recognises the importance of high quality facilities for football across Leicestershire & Rutland and works hard with key stakeholders to understand the demand for facilities, the need to protect playing fields and address any issues around the potential loss of facilities. Funding for facilities is constantly changing, but the Leicestershire & Rutland County FA aims to keep you up-to-date with the main funding bodies that can support the development of facilities.

This section of the website is split into the 5 priority areas that are detailed in The FA’s National Facilities Strategy:

1. Technical Standards





3G Football
Turf Guidance

Pitch & Goalpost 

9v9 Scheme

Turf Pitch
Technical Guide

 2. Facility Planning and Protecting Pitches

Facilities      Inner City Ball Courts

3. Training and Support

Asset Transfer      Groundsman of the Year      Budweiser Club Futures Sustainable Club Guide

4. Facility Improvement Schemes

FA Pitch Improvement      Shared Access      Ground Equipment Pilot

5. Facility Investment

Football Stadia Improvement Fund      Funding

Please take time to navigate through each of the sections where you will find useful information and downloadable documents for your reference.

If you would like to Express an Interest for some funding please Click Here.

If you have any queries regarding facility development and investment, please contact:

Kelly Ellis   
Head of Football Development 
E: Kelly.Ellis@LeicestershireFA.com  
T 0116 284 5930
M 07949 731 153

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