Whole Game System

The Whole Game System is The FA's new online club administration system designed to make it easier for clubs, leagues and referees to affiliate/register, and to deal with any disciplinaries or sanctions online.

Throughout the 2015/16 season, clubs, referees, and leagues will be able to register through the FA's online Whole Game System (WGS). 

As well as registering, referees will also be able to submit cautions and misconduct through the System.

To login to the System with your FAN ID or email address please CLICK HERE.

One of the Whole Game System's main functions is to deal with disciplinary issues. For an overview on the WGS and discipline, please CLICK HERE

The following links are to YouTube videos describing specific aspects of the WGS, and its application to discipline:

WGS: Dealing with payment of fines

WGS: Dealing with cautions (yellow cards)

WGS: Dealing with dismissals (red cards) and misconduct

If you have any further questions regarding the WGS, please contact:

Football Governance Team
T: 0116 286 7828, option 1
E: WGSSupport@leicestershirefa.com

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