New Youth Football Guide Launched

The FA’s Football Participation team has launched a brand-new Youth Football Guide.

When the Youth Development Review was implemented in 2012 it fundamentally changed youth football, improving the enjoyment and development of young players by allowing more touches, on a better proportioned pitch, with an increase of involvement in the game as a whole.

The introduction of 5, 7 and 9-a-side football enabled young players to:

•    Have more touches of the ball to develop technique
•    Have more dribbling opportunities and 1v1s
•    Have more involvement in the game

Put simply, more involvement means more enjoyment.

The following Youth Football Guide will provide parents, coaches and volunteers with a greater understanding of what youth football is now all about, whilst explaining how we can all work together to create a positive, player centred environment. To download the document, simply follow the link below:


 Please CLICK HERE to download the smartphone version.

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