Club Player Registration Rollout

The FA, in partnership with Leicestershire & Rutland County FA, had recently piloted an online player registration platform through the Whole Game…
Your club is invited to make use of this new registration functionality and over the next few weeks, the County FA and The FA will be available to support you as you enter player records into the WGS.

The support will help users to match players in the WGS with those in Full-Time, add any players already in the FA database to their club list, create new records for those players not currently held in the database and assign all players registered with the club to their appropriate team(s).

Dylan Clarke, Football Governance Officer, said: “The main benefits for clubs and leagues will be that they save time and money in the long term.

“With all player information being on the system, secretaries won’t have to duplicate work in terms of discipline, and every player’s information (suspensions etc.) will be accessible through the portal. This will ultimately decrease the likelihood of accidentally playing a suspended player.”

For a guide on how to register players in the Whole Game System, please see the document below.

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