Recruiting Players at Youth Transition Ages (U10 and U12)

As young players within Leicestershire and Rutland get older, the format of football they play changes. 5v5 moves on to 7v7, which in turn develops…
As a County FA, we want to support those teams that are enduring these challenges, and in turn prevent the potential drop-out of young players that the transition of game formats has previously caused.

At present, the changing formats in relation to youth football are as follows:


Mixed Gender Football in Leicestershire

Age Group
Under-7s and Under-8s 5v5
Under-9s and Under-10s 7v7
Under-11s and Under-12s 9v9
Under-13s and above 11v11

Girls Only Football in Leicestershire

Age Group
Under-10s and below 5v5
Under-11s and Under-12s 7v7
Under-13s and Under-14s 9v9
Under-15s and above


Shaun Waite, Football Development Officer (Participation), said: “Although the changing format in youth football is absolutely right for player development, it can cause some challenges for teams wishing to make the transition to the next format of the game, especially teams with low squad numbers. In the past, this has commonly been those teams at under-10 and under-12 level in mixed gender football.”

Please see the document at the bottom of this page to view a list of teams looking for players at U10 and U12 in advance of next season (2017-18)

For more information, or to add your club’s name to the list requiring additional players, please email Shaun Waite, Football Development Officer (Participation) on or call 0116 284 4951. 

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