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As part of the national roll out, we are delighted to announce that a number of Leicestershire & Rutland sanctioned leagues will adopt Whole Game System (WGS) Player Registrations from 2017/18 onwards.

With a new process, comes a need for extra guidance. We have therefore detailed the essential information below that we hope provides leagues and clubs with the support needed.

Background Information and Benefits of WGS Player Registrations

In 2016/17, The FA piloted the WGS Player Registration process in over 60 leagues across the country. Feedback and learning from these pilot leagues was gathered, after which improvements to the system were made in preparation for the national roll-out this season.

The benefits of WGS Player Registrations are vast, but essentially it will ensure a more efficient, effective and joined up player registration process, which will save time for club and league volunteers in the future.

Confirmed Leagues adopting WGS Player Registrations for 2017/18

The list below details the leagues that have confirmed they will be adopting WGS Player Registrations for 2017/18. This is not a finalised list, and conversations with a number of other leagues are on-going, and therefore this list may still be added to over the coming weeks:

•    Leicester & District Mutual League
•    Leicestershire Foxes Sunday League
•    Leicester & District Sunday Juniors League
•    MDH Teamwear Leicestershire Youth League
•    Leicester City & County Girls League
•    Leicestershire Midweek Floodlit Youth League
•    Leicestershire Senior League and Leicestershire Combination League
•    East Midlands Counties Football League
•    Leicester City Football League
•    The Alliance Football League
•    Hinckley & District Sunday Football League
•    Leicestershire Senior Womens League
•    Leicestershire & Rutland Youth Futsal League

League and Club Support Resources

There are resources and staff in place to support leagues and clubs through the process. Please utilise these excellent resources, as they provide very simple steps in completing WGS Player Registrations:

•    Step-by-Step Club Official Training Guide – CLICK HERE
•    Step-by-Step E-Learning Resource – CLICK HERE
•    County FA – WGS Player Registration Presentation (Youth) – CLICK HERE (this includes how to complete “Player ID Checks”)
•    Direct Support via League Registrations Officers
•    1-2-1 Support with County FA Staff

Guidance and Process

Firstly, we strongly advise clubs to read and use the resources detailed above. These provide simple steps to complete the WGS Player Registration process.

However, some the processes can vary slightly between leagues. Therefore the below guidance may help your club understand some questions you may need to ask of your league registration officers;

•    Clubs will only need to complete “data-cleansing” if your league add players to the leagues Full-Time page
•   Some leagues will require clubs to upload Player Photos on the WGS - This is a requirement for players in leagues providing u7 – u18 football (not including Midweek Floodlit League). The guidance is to complete this processes as soon as possible.
•    Some leagues will require clubs to confirm Player ID checks on the WGS- This is a requirement for players in leagues providing u7 – u18 football (not including Midweek Floodlit League). The guidance is to complete this processes as soon as possible.
•    If your club is obtaining offline consent (i.e. a signed player registration form) from the player or parent, the guidance is to start collating these forms as soon as possible.
•    Some leagues still require clubs to provide evidence of the signed player registration form, which will need to be seen by the League Registration Officers.

Should your club have any questions on the above, please seek clarity directly from your league registration officer.

Key Dates

Up to 10th July – although it is not essential, our advice to clubs is to complete as much, if not all WGS Player Registration processes by this date. Where applicable, this would include uploading Player Photos and Confirming Player ID Checks. The only process clubs will NOT be able to complete by this date is “Submitting to the League”.

10th July onwards –this is the date when clubs will be able to Submit Player Registrations to the leagues through the WGS. If all the above processes are complete by this date, this will be a quick and simple step.

Should your club have any further questions or queries, please contact Dylan Clarke, Football Governance Officer, Dylan.Clarke@LeicestershireFA.com / 0116 284 4957.

Please CLICK HERE to download the Weekly Brief. 


Please CLICK HERE to access this week's Player Registration Club Newsletter.

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