Referee Regulations and Discipline

The Regulations for the Registration and Control of Referees are FA Regulations that set the rules by which Referees must operate.

The Regulations cover everything from registration, promotion, personal hearings, referee kit, submission of disciplinary reports and much more.

It is absolutely vital that all match officials understand their responsibilities as a registered referee and adhere to the regulations at all times. Failure to do so may result in referees being fined, suspended or even having their referee registration revoked.

The regulations can be found in every editions of the Leicestershire & Rutland County FA Handbook.


Attending a Disciplinary Hearing

We are keen to assist and support our Referee Workforce in the following areas:

  • Seperate waiting areas, where possible (around 90% of the time) we have booked an additional waiting room for Match Officials to wait in rather than put anyone in an uncomfortable situation by waiting with the charged club or individual.
  • Young / New / Appearing for the first time referees, if you are unsure as to what to expect from a Disciplinary Commission please contact us and we will talk you through it. If, as one of the afore mentioned, you wish to request and experienced Match Official or someone from our 'pool' of Referee Committee Members to sit in with you, please contact us to discuss this. At least 7 days notice should be given if you wish to request an observer.
  • Under 18s, we will be pro-active in contacting those referees under the age of 18 in advance of any Disciplinary Commission in order to give them our full support.

Requesting the Result of a Personal Hearing

In order for the Match Official to gain closure following a personal hearing, we will now take requests for the result of a personal hearing.

To do this, please contact in writing at least 24 hours after your commission date providing: Your Name, FAN (NPD Number), and Case Number(s) relevant to the case.

We will then also confirm in writing the decision that was made, although the reason will always remain the same: "On the balance of probability, with the evidence presented to the Commission"

If you are unsure about your responsibilities as a match official or wish to request an observer or Disciplinary Commission Result please contact:

Steve Bratt
Referee Development Officer
T: 0116 284 4953
M: 07534 507 472

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