We are now in a position to allow you commence registering as a referee for the coming 2017-2018 season, via The FA’s Whole Game System.

You will no longer be able to register by completing a paper registration if you have access to a current e-mail address. The electronic registration process has been significantly improved in the last 12 months so that the registration is quick and straight forward.

In order to register you will need to complete the registration process by clicking on the following link: You will require your FAN number and password to log in. The cost to register will remain unchanged for the coming season at £20.00 providing that you register by no later than midnight on 31 May 2017. However, if you register from 01 June 2017 onwards, the cost of registration will increase to £30.00.

We do not have access to passwords. If you do not remember your own password, you must re-set it yourself by clicking on the following link:   

When you have logged into the Whole Game System you will need to click on the ‘Referee Administration’ tab which can be found under the large ‘Whole Game’ lettering at the top of the page. This will then enable you to click on the ‘Start Referee Re-registration for 2017-2018’ link to begin the registration process.

A complete guide to the registration process has been produced by The FA. The link is provided below and we recommend that you take the opportunity to familiarise yourself with the content:

Please click here to view the guide

This link contains a registration guidance manual, safeguarding criteria FAQ’s and registration frequently asked questions. All of this information is found on the right hand side of the page.

Before the registration process begins, you will be asked to complete your Equality and Diversity information. LRCFA is committed to ensuring that we provide equal opportunities to all of our referees, regardless of gender, religion, sexual orientation, or ethnic background.

Please note that Internet Explorer 8 does not support registration through the Whole game System portal.  Internet Explorer 10 or above, Chrome or Firefox are the web browsers recommended by The FA.

You will be unable to register to referee ‘Under 18 teams only’ or ‘Under 18 and Open Age’ football if you do not have a valid CRC certificate. No youth leagues within this County FA will appoint you to matches on their competitions if you do not a valid CRC certificate dated within 3 years of the date of your registration (eg your CRC certificate must be dated no later than 15 March 2014 if you register on 15 March 2017). If you wish to referee ‘Open Age only’ you do not require a CRC Certificate. If the date below is blank, you do not have a valid CRC certificate.

A full list of all competitions within Leicestershire & Rutland County FA are given below and you should enter the name of the league as given below. You can then select that specific league and add it to the list of competitions on which you plan to officiate.  We would request that you complete as much information as possible during the registration process. You must still register with each of the individual competitions on which you officiate in order to receive appointments.

•    The Alliance Football League
•    Leicester & District Football League
•    Leicester City Football League (Please note that this is a Veterans competition)
•    Leicestershire Combination
•    Charnwood Sunday Football League
•    Hinckley & District Sunday League
•    Brush Electrical Machines North Leicestershire Football League
•    Leicester Sunday Football League
•    Leicestershire Senior Football League
•    Leicester & District Mutual Football League (Please note this is a Mini-Soccer only competition)
•    Leicester & District Sunday Juniors League
•    MDH Teamwear Leicestershire Youth League
•    Leicestershire Church Football League
•    Melton & District Sunday League
•    Leicestershire Midweek Floodlit Youth League
•    Leicester City & County Girls League
•    Leicester City & County Girls Mini Soccer
•    Leicestershire Womens Senior League
•    Leicestershire Foxes Sunday League

If at all possible, can you please include a mobile telephone number when registering. You can also update your personal details and availability at any time by logging into the portal and amending the records you submit to us when registering.

As a reminder, any ‘closed dates’ you have should be submitted to the individual competitions on which you officiate and also copied to our closed dates e-mail address as follows: in addition to be added into Whole Game System at the point of registering.
You will be able to pay for additional items upon registration. If you decide to purchase either an FA badge or a LRCFA Badge these will be distributed to you within the coming weeks and should you require a ‘hard copy’ of the FIFA Laws of the Game for next season, these will be distributed as soon as we receive them ahead of the new season. A free of charge electronic pdf copy of the Laws of the Game will be emailed to all officials as soon it becomes available. This year we also have an option to purchase referee personal accident insurance from Bluefin. Should you have any queries regarding this product please contact Bluefin directly: / 0345 872 5060. LRCFA staff are not able to provide information on this product. Further information on this product can be accessed via the attachment at the bottom of this page.

When you have completed the registration process and payment has been accepted your will see a ‘Payment details’ screen from where you can download a PDF version of your invoice. If you then click on ‘Return to Referee Dashboard’ you will be able to view your new registration number. You should make note of this as it may be required by certain leagues when you come to register. This number will begin with SR followed by 5 digits. Please DO NOT contact the County FA for your registration number. It will be displayed on your dashboard page and Leagues should not require this information.

We must stress the importance of submitting all cautions, sending offs and misconduct via the Whole Game System. The process is user-friendly and simple. Please contact Dylan Clarke in our Discipline Department using the following email address should you have any queries about reporting disciplinary reports via the Whole Game System: Dylan Clarke      

Should you require any additional information that cannot be obtained through clicking on the above link to access the online guide, please contact Steve Bratt who will be able to assist. However, please consider that most issues can be resolved using the guidance link here:

Thanks very much for all of your support during this current season and we look forward to you all registering as soon as possible for Season 2017-2018, which we hope will be a successful one for you all!

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