Goal scored at Futsal

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With over 30,000 teams playing regularly across the county, small sided football is very much the adult game of choice. As facilities have developed and improved, small sided football has emerged as the fast growing version of football not only in Leicestershire & Rutland but across the world!

Leicestershire & Rutland County FA recognises the important role that Small Sided Football plays in encouraging people to continue playing football and enjoying all aspects outside of the traditional 11v11.

So whether you want a great way of getting an ‘after work’ run-out with your mates, or you like the idea of playing fast and competitive midweek football...the Small Sided game is perfect choice for you!

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Fay Nichols - Female Participation 

Call: 0116 284 5931 or 0798 386 4342

Email: Fay.Nichols@leicestershirefa.com

Shaun Waite - Male Participation 

Call: 0116 284 4951 or 0773 832 1292

Email: Shaun.Waite@leicestershirefa.com

Leicestershire Futsal Five5

Have you ever thought about playing Futsal?  Futsal is a small sided game that is designed to be fast paced and highly skillful. Some of the worlds top players credit Futsal as getting them to where they are now. Want to find out more and learn where to play in Leicestershire & Rutland, click below.  

Goal scored at Futsal

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