Playing Football in Leicestershire

As a player in Leicestershire & Rutland there are many opportunities to play many different forms of football, from traditional 11v11 on a Saturday or Sunday to Futsal and small sided in the week and now even an 11 a side mid week league available for recreational players.

Finding a Club

If you would like to look for a club that is close to you, please use the 'Find a Club' box to the right of this screen or click here.

Using this system you can search for exactly what you want, whether it is a Saturday Club, Sunday Club, Small Sided or even Futsal!

Adult and Youth Football

We have over 500 clubs and 1,700 teams affiliated to the Leicestershire & Rutland County FA of which the majority play 11v11 on a Saturday or Sunday and will be perfect if you are looking to play week in week out.

To find a club near you, please use the 'Find a Club' box or click here.

For information about clubs please contact

Shaun Waite
Football Development Officer (Participation)  
0116 284 4951
07738 321292 

Recreational Football

If tradition football isn't for you or you can't commit to playing every week but still want to have a kick about in a friendly atmosphere with no obligations or commitments then why not check out our 'Just Play' programme aimed at the casual footballer. 

If you want something more than a kickabout, then why not join one of the many 5 or 6 aside leagues running mid week or our Floodlight Leagues that offer 11 a side football in a different way; mid week and only 50 minutes games. 

If you would like to know more about recreational football opportunities, please contact

Fay Longdon
Football Development Officer (Recreation)
0116 284 5931
07983 846 342

Inclusive (Disability) Football

If you have a disability, whether it's physical or mental, that doesn't necessarily mean you can't play football anymore.

We are extremely proud of the work we put in to Inclusive (Disability) Football and currently cater for, Blind Football, Power-chair Football, Cerebral Palsy Football and many more.

If you would like to or know someone who would like to get involved in Inclusive (Disability) Football, either click here or contact:

Philippa Bass
Football Development Officer (Disability)  
0116 284 4952
07944 194 252

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