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Sadly there are players that fail to pay all monies that they owe to the clubs or league they play for.

This leaves some clubs either unable to pay debts to leagues, or to fold owing money.

The Leicestershire & Rutland FA debt recovery scheme is the clubs’ and leagues’ opportunity to try to recoup money owed by players. This must be a minimum of £50 that needs to be recovered and can include the £25 administration fee needed to process this request. If you are looking to recover Discipline fines, you can do this for less than the minimum stated, but can include the administration fee. All affiliated clubs and leagues may ask us to issue a Sine Die Suspension against individuals that owe them money.

Please follow the process below when making an application to this scheme.If you wish to make an application to the debt recovery scheme please complete the Debt Recovery Scheme Application Form which can be downloaded below.

Debt recovery process

Club or League gives notice in writing to the individual concerned with a breakdown of the debt owed. Correspondence must provide a date before which payment must be received.

If payment has not been received by the date stated the club may request in writing a suspension of the participant. The County should be approached within 28 days of formal payment being requested in writing. This must be within 112 days of the original debt being incurred.
Request must be sent to the County Association using the application form available and must include the following information about the individual:
- Name, Address and Date of Birth
- Detailed summary of all monies owed including dates of the incurred debts
- Copies of correspondence sent to individual requesting payment
- Any other clubs the individual is registered with

Please note, that a £25 administration fee is applicable at this stage for this service

Suspension notice sent to participant.

Payment sent to County Association or appeal requested within 21 days from date suspension notice was issued. If no payment is received or appeal requested on the 22nd day following suspension notice being issued then participant is suspended from all football activities until the debt is cleared.

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Football debts are defined as those costs arising directly from football activity, and as such would include disciplinary costs (e.g. fines), match costs (e.g. match fees) and playing expenses (e.g. pitch hire).

Incidental costs (e.g. fund raising activities, club subscriptions) do not fall within the scope of Football Debt Recovery.
Fines from discipline cases (cautions, dismissals, misconduct charges) and match fees
Kit/Equipment, Club subscriptions/Signing on fees/Internal club fines, Lottery or any other fund raising schemes, End of season trip costs and Club Debts.

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