Respect Showcase Event

Successful Respect Showcase Event Delivered – Continue to #PlayYourPart

On Sunday 22nd April, the Leicestershire & Rutland County FA, in partnership with leagues, delivered a successful Respect Showcase Event at the counties Respect Champion Site, Judgemeadow Community College. 

The event ran alongside grassroots youth fixtures but with an additional aim of showcasing a player centred environment, which was achieved by piloting a number of interventions, including;

  • Good practice communicated to all coaches and referees prior to the event
  • Good practice guides handed out to all spectators on arrival
  • Pre-match briefing held with referees and coaches
  • Respect signage visible on arrival and throughout the event
  • Respect barriers in place on all pitches
  • Technical areas marked out for coaches

In addition to these interventions, County FA staff conducted a number of surveys with parents, coaches and players to better understand what more can be done to create an environment which helps young players fall in love with the game. The feedback will now be used to influence next steps in the county around this important part of the game.

This re-scheduled event was delivered in conjunction with the recent respect week of action which aimed to focus attention on the adult’s role in creating a player centred environment for young players.

Shaun Waite, Football Development Officer (Participation) said, “The challenge now is to build on the success of this event and the recent Respect week of action to continue to develop a better environment across youth football in Leicestershire & Rutland. We all; the County FA, Leagues, Clubs, Coaches, Parents and Referees have a role in achieving this and we invite you to Play Your Part”


For more information on how you can #PlayYourPart with Respect, including accessing good practice guides and a 50% voucher for respect resources please click here


We pledge support for Respect in Leicestershire & Rutland, as we believe Football is For ALL and should be enjoyed in a safe, fun and inclusive environment. Respect is an important value in life, not just football. We want to ensure that the match day environments played are memorable for the right reasons. It’s all about creating the best possible football experiences.


Creating a Player Centred Environment Starts With You!

We invite you to continue to #PlayYourPart!