Refereeing Disability Football Workshop

10th September sees a great opportunity for Referees to develop and learn more about Disability Football

The free workshop is for registered referees within the Leicestershire and Rutland. It will cover the landscape of disability football here in Leicestershire & Rutland and in England with referees gaining a greater understanding of the necessary skills set and communication needed to referee disability football. Plus it will also explain the opportunities available to referee disability football in Leicestershire, fixture are once per month on a Saturday only.

The workshop will be both practical and theory based, with groups of disability players coming in to play, so we can give referees a true feel of what disability/inclusive football is all about.

The workshop will be led by Natasha Wilson (Referee Development Officer) and Philippa Bass (Disability Football Development Officer), alongside Lone Millin, the Leicestershire and Rutland Inclusive League Referee Secretary.

If anyone has any questions please contact

Natasha Wilson – or Philippa Bass –


To attend the evening you must register here