Respect Week of Action 

RESPECT Week of action - 24th February to 4th March 2018

Welcome to all those involved in youth football Leicestershire & Rutland to our Respect Week of Action.

The aim of the week is to re-launch the key Respect messages and resources, but with a real focus of attention on the adult’s role in creating a player centred environment for young players.

There are a number of events, resources and engagement opportunities for the youth game to get involved with during the week, including;

  • Saturday 24th February – Leicestershire & Rutland Inclusive League Festival
  • Tuesday 27th February – County Youth Conference 2018
  • Wednesday 28th February – Coach CPD Event: Managing the Match Day Environment
  • Thursday 1st March – Respect Showcase Match
  • Saturday 3rd March – Leicester City FC v AFC Bournemouth: Respect Focus Match
  • Sunday 4th March – Respect Showcase Event


How can you get involved

There are 4 very simples ways anyone can get involved in the Week of Action, which are;

  1. 1.  Pledge Support for Respect – repost the “respect pledge” or send in your club logo to
  2. 2.  Share and attend the Respect Week of Action Events
  3. 3.  Use #PlayYourPart on social media to highlight respectful behaviour in youth football
  4. 4.  Adhere to the good practice guides


For more information, to access the respect resources or to learn how you can #PlayYourPart during the week, please click here.


We pledge support for Respect in Leicestershire & Rutland, as we believe Football is For ALL and should be enjoyed in a safe, fun and inclusive environment. Respect is an important value in life, not just football. We want to ensure that the match day environments played are memorable for the right reasons. It’s all about creating the best possible football experiences.


Creating a Player Centred Environment Starts With You!


We invite you to #PlayYourPart!

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