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Independent Discipline Panel Members Wanted

Leicestershire & Rutland County FA are seeking volunteers to support the discipline process in football

Leicestershire & Rutland FA are looking to appoint members to join an independent pool of people to sit on discipline hearings. Previously the Discipline Commissions were formed almost exclusively of County FA Council Members, but from January 2018 it became mandatory for all Commissions to have at least one independent member.

Independent panel members do not have to have any footballing experience, but an interest in the game and an understanding of regulatory processes is beneficial. Independent panel members can be active football participants (playing, coaching refereeing etc.), but must be independent from the County FA and The FA.

The Disciplinary Hearing Process

Members of the Independent Discipline Panel will form part of the Discipline Commissions that adjudicate on misconduct charges, which are issued against participants for breaches of FA rules and regulations.

Individuals or Clubs charged with misconduct can choose to have their case heard either in person or by correspondence. Cases heard at a personal hearing will require Association Witnesses (e.g. the referee or opposition players) to attend, as well as the individual charged and any witnesses they choose to bring. Correspondence cases are heard only on the paperwork available, and are usually held via WebEx.

If you would like more information on the role of an Independent Panel Member click here or if you would like to apply for this position download our application form here