Adult Male Football Survey

We need your help

In response to the steady, yet clear decline, in the number of teams playing the traditional formats of the game, the Leicestershire and Rutland County FA in partnership with sanctioned leagues, wish to consult with those involved in the local grassroots game to better understand some of reasons why, and what solutions should be implemented.

To begin this process of consultation, those at the grassroots including; leagues, clubs, coaches and most importantly, players, are asked to complete a short online survey on their experiences and preferences moving forwards.

A select number of survey respondents may also then be invited to a focus group, where the survey results will be discussed in more depth, but more importantly will be a chance for those involved in the grassroots game to help shape future plans within the county.

To engage in this process and complete this short online survey, please click here. The deadline to complete this survey is Wednesday 6th March.

Should you have any further questions regarding the Adult Male game in Leicestershire & Rutland please contact our Football Development Officer (Male Participation), Shaun Waite at Shaun.Waite@LeicestershireFA.com.