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Temporary Dismissals - Briefings for Referees

Referees are invited to attend briefings on the introduction of temporary dismissals across football in Leicestershire & Rutland 

Following The Football Association’s decision to introduce Temporary Dismissals (Sin Bins) in the 2019/20 season, Leicestershire & Rutland CFA is delivering a series of briefing evenings across the county to provide key information to referees, players, leagues and club officials.

It was announced that The FA Council earlier in the season has agreed for Temporary Dismissals (also known as Sin Bins) to be mandatory during season 2019/20 for all clubs at Step 5 and below, following extensive piloting of the process.

The purpose of Temporary Dismissals is to reduce dissent on a matchday. It will allow for poor behaviour to be dealt with on the day, promoting a positive experience for all concerned within the game.

As a County FA, we are very mindful that match officials, leagues, clubs, players and all other stakeholders will want additional information on Temporary Dismissals, and as such we have arranged a number of briefings around the county to offer a full overview, with the following key areas to be addressed:

• The Authority
• The Pilot and Results
• The Law
• The Next Steps
• Sin Bins in Operations 
• Open Forum 


All of our Referee specific briefings have now been concluded.

Referees are encouraged to complete the FA's Online Training to learn all about Temporary Dismissals as well as our dedicated page

If upon completing the online training you are still unsure or want further face to face training, we are asking for referees to register their interest for a face to face session in September. 

Please call our Referee Development Officer, Natasha Wilson, on 0116 284 4953 with any Temporary Dismissal questions you may have.