WHPFC Inspiring Females in Football Coaching and Volunteering

A great opportunity for those looking to get involved in the female game

Do you know a woman who would make a great football coach or volunteer?

Do they need a bit of nudge to get involved?

Do they need a bit of support and guidance?

1 MILLION more girls and women are playing football since the 2019 FIFA Women’s World Cup and we need to grow the workforce!

The Notts WHPFC has teamed up with Nottinghamshire, Leicestershire and Derbyshire County FA’s to run a roadshow of events aimed at inspiring more women to take up football coaching or volunteering. An event will take place in each county showcasing some local coaches and their journeys, the support on offer, volunteering opportunities, qualifications and training available as well as a few practical ideas to get started with.

The events are free to attend and are for any females looking to get involved or who have just started with a team or session. We hope to have a little bit for everyone whether it is a career in coaching they are looking for or they just want to give back and allow others to enjoy the national game.

The first event to be confirmed is with LEICESTERSHIRE & RUTLAND CFA on SATURDAY 7TH MARCH and will run from 10am-12pm at LOUGHBOROUGH UNIVERSITY STADIUM. Details are in the flyer below.


Fay Nichols, Football Development Officer (Female Participation), Leicestershire & Rutland CFA said, "The female game is growing at such rate and we’ve seen a hugh increase in the number of girls playing football at primary school age which is really fantastic to see, but we also need to ensure those girls have female role models to show them that playing isn’t the only option open to them in the game. It is important we give those girls playing the game aspirational figures to look to, coaches play a massive part in the continued developed of girls football, and if we can get more females coaches in the game to match the number of players, it can only be a positive." 

Jenny Sugarman, Coach Development Officer, Nottingham Women's High Performance Football Centre added "The FA Women’s High Performance Football Centre is excited to offer this new initiative in partnership with the Leicestershire & Rutland County FA to grow the number of female coaches and volunteers involved in football locally. With participation in girls’ and women’s’ football continuing to rise it is vital we not only have a workforce of volunteers ready to help run teams and activities but to ensure we provide the players with excellent role models and show that coaching is a great way to be involved in our national game. Less than one third of football coaches in the girls’ and women’s’ game locally is female and we hope that the inspiring females into football roadshow will help to get more women involved as a hobby or a potential future career opportunity."