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Staff Structure and how to contact us

LRCFA announce changes to its staffing structure and the best way to communicate with us moving forward

Leicestershire & Rutland County Football Association (LRCFA) today are announcing changes to its staffing structure.

Earlier in the summer we said goodbye to James Orton and Fay Nicholls who moved on to other roles outside the association. We now sadly say goodbye to Alex Francis and Natasha Wilson. We would like to take the opportunity to thank them for their hard work and dedication to football in the county.

How to reach us

Call 0116 286 7828 and select one of the following options or Email the relevant team

Safeguarding Team

Option 1 or    

Safeguarding concern, DBS inquiry, club / league welfare officer -

Services Team

Option 2 or

Club Affiliation, League & Tournament Sanctioning -

Player Registration, Duplicate FAN no, WGS issues -

Referee Registrations, Adding Cautions to WGS -

Discipline, Suspensions, Fines -

County Cups -

Development Team

Option 3 or

Coach Education -

Refereeing Development / CPD / Promotion -

Covid-19 concerns / information, Disability, Female, Inclusive Football, Just Play Centres, Wildcats and Club Development -

Charter Standard -

Facilities Team

Option 4 or

Funding and Grants, Development of your own Facilities -

Hire of Homes Park -


Unsure still? Contact