U18 Referee Armbands

U18 Referee Armband Initiative

The armbands will act as a visual reminder to Coaches, Players and Spectators that the Match Official is new to Refereeing or a Child.

Leicestershire and Rutland County FA are delighted to announce the brand new initiative of Yellow U18 armbands of which are designed to identify younger referees and ensure you are supported. 

The eye catching new armbands, which have proved successful in other Counties across the Country, are being distributed to referees to signify either their age or that they're a 'new trainee referee'.

The armbands easily identify Under 18 and Trainee match officials, similar to 'P' plates that show fellow drivers that you’ve just recently passed your driving test. 

Jacob Lehane, Leicestershire & Rutland FA Workforce Development Officer has given his thoughts on what the new armband initiative brings to Leicestershire & Rutland Football: "Leicestershire & Rutland FA is fully committed to supporting match officials within this County. This new initiative further highlights the importance of safeguarding young match officials under the age of 18. We also encourage any feedback of this initiative from young referees and to inform the County FA if there are any other ideas they may have for referee support".

If you would like to give any feedback or provide new ideas with regards to referee support please fill out THIS FORM.