Ruebyn Ricardo, Matt Smith, Sayed Kadri

Referee Promotions 21-22

We are delighted to announce our referee promotions across the 2021-22 season

Congratulations to all of those who have been promoted at their respective level.

These promotions highlight the hard work and commitment by Leicestershire and Rutland match officials across the 2021-22 season, we wish them all the best at their next level and again congratulations from all at Leicestershire and Rutland County FA.

Select Group 2 Assistant Referee

Matthew Smith

Level 1 Futsal Referee

Sayed Kadri

Level 2B

Ruebyn Ricardo

Level 3

Edgar Brown

Karl Donaghey

Minesh Gupta

Level 4

Stefan Calarasu

Ali Cera

Daniel Foster

Daniel Haywood

David Kennedy

Thomas Taylor

Luke Thorne


Level 5

Matthew Blaney

Ady Bramley


Level 6

Hamza Adam

Adam Crosby-Smith

Russell Ford

Maya Korpal

Spencer Lyons

Otis Msundire

Ben Sefton

Lewis Simmonds


Level 3W

Isabel Danson

Maya Korpal

David Kennedy


Are you Interested in following their footsteps and becoming a referee or joining the promotion scheme? Please contact