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Tournament Sanctioning

Check out all you will need to know regarding Tournament Sanctioning

Leicestershire & Rutland County FA would like to remind everyone that all tournaments, festivals and charity-based matches must be sanctioned, and if you are part of an affiliated club, you can only play in a sanctioned format.  


Sanctioning a tournament is simple to do. Please click here to register your tournament. Upon registration we will provide you with a tailored action plan, templates and help in promoting your tournament.  


Want to check that your teams are signing up to a registered tournament? Have a look at our Grassroots noticeboard. Here we will list every tournament that are going through the sanctioning process.  


Can’t see the tournament you’re playing in? contact competitions@leicestershirefa.com and we can let you know if they are sanctioned with us. 


Do we need insurance? From an insurance perspective, the Countycover and Countycover Plus Liability policy available through affiliation to our County FA applies to all FA recognised and sanctioned football. The insurance packages we offer automatically extend to protect our members in respect of Legal liability arising from organised fundraising events and Tournaments which have been sanctioned by the County FA.  


The liability insurance is arranged via affiliation therefore all insurance protection is subject to Clubs affiliating and purchasing the NGIS Liability insurance prior to an event taking place. It is important to note that failure to notify the County FA may result with the Tournament not being recognised as a sanctioned activity. This could leave the Club, Organisers, Referees, or the Teams exposed in the event a legal liability claim was pursued.