Crowd watching youth football

Silent Support Weekend 

Let them play. Let them lead. Let them learn.

The purpose of the Silent Support Weekend is to allow young players to find their voice, make their own decisions and take control of their game. Help us listen to young players to make our youth game the best place to play football.

After the first Silent Support Weekend our young players told us it allowed them to talk more as a team, with more chances to make decisions and overall, it was more enjoyable.

However, they missed the support of their coach. We’re running the trial again, this time the coach will be able to coach throughout the match. We want you, your clubs and teams to be part of it and tell us what you think.

On the weekend, we’re asking spectators to work together with coaches to provide a positive space for the players during the match. The coach can help the players where needed through the match and everyone can applaud good play from either team.