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Coach Spotlight - Loreen Herzig

Shining a light on Harborough Town U13 Girls coach Loreen Herzig.

We are thrilled to announce the debut of our new spotlight series, aimed at showcasing the invaluable contributions of individuals within the grassroots football community of Leicestershire and Rutland.

This International Women’s Day, we are proud to kick off this series by shining a spotlight on Loreen Herzig, a distinguished UEFA-C coach currently serving as the Harborough Town U13 girls' coach.

How did you get into coaching?

I actually got roped into it by my friend, Louise, a fellow coach. Our children go to the same school, and we knew each other from playing in the same women’s social team. Since the rise of the England Lionesses, there has been a real increase in girls wanting to play football. Louise was already coaching a girls' team at Harborough Town, but due to an influx of girls, my daughter being one of them, a second team was needed. She suggested I come along to watch some sessions, and it didn’t take me long to know that I wanted to coach.

What coaching courses have you completed?

I originally did the basics, EE Playmaker and Introduction to Coaching, as well as Safeguarding Children and Introduction to First Aid which can all be done online via the FA website. But after that, I wanted to do more, so I applied for the UEFA C course, which is more intense with practical weekends and tutor visits. I got so much out of it in terms of ideas of how to deliver training sessions and I got my UEFA C licence in May last year. This also opened up the opportunity to do a one-day course just for goalkeeping coaching and I am doing that in April this year.

Have the skills that you have learned in coaching helped outside of football?

It has certainly made me think more about my communication skills, how I deliver instructions, as well as getting engagement. Coaching is about building relationships and creating the right environment for players. That can be applied to lots of other situations outside of football too and it’s certainly a great icebreaker in terms of conversation when meeting new people.

What is one thing as a coach you couldn’t live without?

My husband would certainly say coffee! From late evening planning to early morning training or leaving for matches at 7:15 am on a Sunday, I need my coffee. Boot space also helps. I couldn’t tell you how often I’ve been food shopping only to remember that the boot was currently stuffed full of footballs, cones, bibs, spare shirts, and first aid kits.

What is the most rewarding part of being a coach?

For me, it’s seeing it click for a player or seeing something that we practiced come off in a game. We have been working on defending corners for a few weeks and then there was this glorious moment in a match, where we conceded a corner and the girls just moved to their positions with our keeper giving clear instructions of where she wanted them all. No looking to the coaches on the sidelines, just pure confidence in knowing exactly what they needed to do and they defended the corner beautifully. It’s not about winning matches, it’s about having fun finding small margins of improvement and developing each individual.

Do you have any advice for other females wanting to get into coaching?

Don’t hesitate. It might look scary but there is plenty of support out there and most coaches are happy to share their experience and mentor. There are also more and more coaching courses aimed specifically at female coaches to make stepping over the sidelines easier. While still a male-dominated environment, it is changing rapidly, and we need role models to encourage even more girls into football.

Loreen took on the U13 girls (then U11) in 2022. These were girls who primarily had never played football before. The team has evolved into a group of girls with such heart and such passion which has been incredible to see. All this has been due to Loreen’s commitment to these girls. She has guided and nurtured them, absolutely leading by example!
- Louise Clark









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