Puberty and Periods

Puberty is a time of difficult physical and emotional changes. As girls experience everything from a changing body, new social rules to follow to their first period, there can be lots of complex barriers which can affect their enjoyment of football.

Leicestershire & Rutland County FA in partnership with Leicestershire Women & Girls Football League, and supported by Women in Sport, have put together a number of resources to support clubs in creating the best environment for their female players. This way, we can all stay in love with the beautiful game.

Tackling Teenage Disengagement

Historically, girls have persistently been less active than boys, with less than half of 11-16 year old girls meeting the CMO guidelines for physical activity. As girls move into their teenage years they are also more likely to refer to themselves as ‘Used to be Sporty’. Women in Sports in depth research brings to life the reasons why, but more importantly, what you can do to prevent girls at your club from being less active.


Got your Period? We’ve Got You!

Half the population menstruate, so why is the subject so taboo?

7 in 10 teenage girls say they avoid being physically active when they are on their period. Find out what you can do to support the Women and Girls at your club so they can play football in the best environment all the time.

We want to remove the stigma and taboo in Leicestershire & Rutland! Help us make sure that when our players have Got Their Periods, they know We’ve Got Them! Download our resource pack today and put up in your club so that both HOME and AWAY players know they’ve got your support should they need it!


If you would like a set of ‘ASK ME’ badges to go with your resource pack, then please contact to arrange collecting a pack.