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Leicestershire & Rutland County FA has a fantastic group of volunteer Referee Mentors that are able to provide officials in the county support and guidance throughout their careers.

Whether referees have concern over a point of Law, dealing with a difficult player or a difficult parent, there is always a Mentor that can offer some support and guidance.

Referee Mentors play a huge part in the practical development of officials at all stages of their refereeing career; from newly qualified referees to those officials seeking to climb the promotion ladder.

So whether you’ve been an active match official for 5 months or 50 years, learn how you can help to keep more referees registered and involved in the game.


If you have been officiating for a number of years and thing you have built up the knowledge and skills to support someone then contact to find out if you could become a mentor

Contact Steve Bratt, our Referee Development Officer to find out how to become a mentor

Contact Steve Bratt, Our Referee Development Officer to find out how to contact a Referee Mentor

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Natasha Wilson 

Call: 0116 284 4953 or 0753 450 7472


Available: Monday to Friday 9am to 5pm 

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