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Leicestershire & Rutland County FA – Young Leaders Launching August 2022!

Leicestershire & Rutland County FA (LRCFA) are delighted to announce that we are now recruiting Young Leaders for the 2022-23 season.

What is Leicestershire & Rutland County FA Young Leaders?

A team of young people, between the ages of 16 and 25 who are the voice of the youth for Leicestershire and Rutland. Leicestershire & Rutland County FA will involve the Young Leaders in a meaningful way, by allowing them to provide equal weight and value to their ideas and suggestions so that collectively we can make football the best environment it can be for young people.

What can you expect to be doing?

The Young Leaders will work with the County FA in delivering the Youth Engagement Plan for the season. Involved in this will be a mix of events and projects which will be delivered with the support of the Young Leaders, as well as supporting the development of football for leagues, clubs and young players and volunteers across the county. Young Leaders members can expect to have hands on delivery of projects, opportunities to influence positive change working along side the County FA and aid your personal development through a mentorship programme with County FA staff in an area of your interests.

Importance of LRCFA Young Leaders

Leicestershire & Rutland County FA recognises that young people aren’t just the leaders of tomorrow. You as a Youth Leader, possess the energy, skills, and ideas to change football and the wider community for the better today. For this reason, your voice as a youth leader is imperative in ensuring that Leicestershire & Rutland County FA can make the appropriate and necessary changes for all the youths in Leicestershire & Rutland, and we cannot do that without you!

Benefits of joining Leicestershire & Rutland County FA Young Leaders

  • CPD workshops to aid in your personal and professional development
  • Free Nike Branded Kit
  • 1-1 Mentor (assigned a County FA Staff Mentor)
  • External Opportunities to represent Leicestershire & Rutland County on The FA Regional Youth Network

How to Apply?

There are a variety of roles available to apply for. Please download an application pack for full details of the roles included before completing your application.

Download our application pack here

 Complete your application here

Deadline: 15th July 2022

Why not come along to our online open evening to find out how you can become a LRCFA Young Leader, taking place on the Monday 20th June 7-8PM

open evening booking form

Recognising diversity and promoting inclusion is a priority for Leicestershire & Rutland County FA in our efforts to make football a game For All. As part of your application please consider completing the Equality and Diversity Form. This form is confidential and anonymous, and is not used as part of your application, but does support Leicestershire & Rutland County FA is ensuring opportunities are open to all communities within the county.

equality & diversity form (optional)

For more information, please get in touch with out Development Team via Email development@leicestershirefa.com