Promotion and Development

There are several opportunities for Referees in Leicestershire & Rutland to seek promotion and development as a Referee.

Promotion to a Higher Classification through the Promotion Scheme

Registered Match Officials can apply to be considered for promotion to a higher classification on a yearly basis. The Refereeing season runs from the 1st March to 28th / 29th February each year and applications for promotion must be received by 10th February for the Refereeing Season ahead.
Once part of the promotion system the Leicestershire & Rutland County FA will endeavour to assess you on at least 3 occasions. In addition you will be required to attend a promotion seminar and successfully pass a promotion exam.
The Promotion Scheme operates on a year to year basis and is open to all referees wishing to be considered for promotion to Level 6, 5 or 4. Many criteria will have to be met in order to gain promotion and referees will be required to sign a Code of Conduct. More information regarding the criteria for promotion can be obtained on request.

School of Excellence and Mentoring Scheme

The Leicestershire & Rutland County FA School of Excellence and Mentoring Scheme focuses on the development and retention of referees in their early refereeing stages.
Newly qualified referees will receive coaching and mentoring whilst refereeing at the Leicester City FC Academies on Saturday and Sunday mornings.
In addition to this, all Level 9 Trainee Referees and all newly re-classified Level 8 and Level 7 Referees will be allocated a County FA mentor whose role will be to encourage, guide, support and advise referees in line with Stages 1 and 2 of the National Referee Development Programme.

Referee Development Appointments Programme

The Referee Development Appointments Programme (RDAP) was introduced as the Referee Development Academy in 2010 to help 'bridge the gap' between county based football and regional football, providing officials with the necessary preparation and development to progress to level 4 and further up the refereeing ladder. Inclusion into the RDAP will be by application and selection and all referees within the programme will be required to sign and adhere to a Code of Conduct.

The introduction of the RDAP has allowed us to create a development pathway that recognises talented officials, who want to learn, improve and develop all of their refereeing skills.

The RDAP application process is open to every referee at Level 7, 6 or 5 and who operates in adult football on a Saturday afternoon. The opportunity is there for those who have the passion, desire and commitment to develop their refereeing skills. By working hard together we can continue to raise the standards of refereeing in Leicestershire & Rutland and further enhance our reputation as a strong and progressive County that produces high quality match officials.

Senior Development Group

The Talent Group forms the top end of our development programme and is open to all Level 4 referees and those within the Promotion Scheme applying for nomination for promotion to Level 4 status to attend.
Coordinated by Premier League Referee Kevin Friend, the group meets once a month to provide advice, support and specific referee development work.

Fitness Training and Tests

The Leicestershire & Rutland County FA provide Fitness Training all year round based at Holmes Park on Thursday Evenings.
This training is coordinated by former Premier League Referee Paul Danson and is open to all registered referees and free of charge.
We also provide track based fitness sessions at Saffron Lane for referees preparing for fitness tests. These are also free of charge.

See document below for details of Referee Development opportunities and in service events available in this county. If you have any further questions, please contact Referee Development Officer, Steve Bratt on the details below.

If you are interested in any of the above Promotion and Development opportunities, or require more information then please contact:

Steve Bratt
Referee Development Officer
T:0116 284 4953
M: 07534 507 472
There are several opportunities for Referees in Leicestershire & Rutland to seek promotion and development as a Referee.

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