School Club Links

School Club Links

Establishing links between schools & clubs brings

School club links create opportunity in your community

Most communities do not know what clubs are in their area - so working with local schools is a great way to ensure that children & young people in your area know about opportunities to participate at your club.

School Club Links encourage young people to take part in sporting and physical activity. It allows youngsters to try out new sports and feel comfortable in a club setting, making them more likely to continue participating in sport once they leave school.

FA Charter Standard Clubs all have to form a link with a school as part of the process of securing their Charter Standard status too.

For a school looking to develop your community links, this is a great place to start!

SCL - Club Benefits

Club Benefits

Local club looking for more players in your area? Learn more about the benefits of links with your local schools, including:

  • Increased participation in the club
  • Increased potential to recruit new volunteers
  • Raised profile within the community
  • Opening up club access to wider community
  • Opportunity to share facilities and equipment
SCL - School Benefits

School Benefits

Local school looking to develop community links? Find out how links with your local club can inspire young people to get involved in sport, resulting in:

  • More active and healthier pupils
  • Raised profile within the community
  • Increased funding opportunities
  • Community Links – social benefits
  • Pathways for sport – easy exit routes for children into on-going involvement
Youth Player Benefits

Youth Player Benefits

What do strong school club links mean for young players in your local area?

  • Improved opportunities to access sport in the local community
  • Opportunity for talent to be identified and nurtured
  • Wider range of sporting opportunities
  • Move easily between safe and familiar environment of school and club
  • Understand how experiences in school and at the club complement each other

A School Club link is an agreement between a school and a community-based sports club to work together to meet the needs of young people; providing new and varied opportunities for sport and physical activity.

Easy. Contact the School and go in to meet them. Explain what you are looking to do as a club and form an agreement as to how you will work together from there.

If you have children at the school or have parents who have children at the school speak to the teacher to find out who would be the best person to speak to at the school. Failing that contact the school and see if you can speak to the head of PE or the Head teacher

Make sure that the coaches used are members of the Licensed Coaches Club. That way you have ensured they are current and up-to-date with all of there certificates

We can help put you in touch with specific schools, help with ways to engage with the schools and their pupils and how to create a sustainable link between your club and local school.

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